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продаю книгу "Indian Costumes"

"Indian Costumes"
Издательство: Roli
Автор: Anamika Pathak
ISBN: 9788174363763
Страниц: 144, full colour illustrations
Отличное издание, качественная бумага и печать, четкие иллюстрации, текст на английском.
Доп. Cвед.: An illustrated overview of Indian costumes from the Vedic times to the 20th century, with special focus on the prevalent vestimentary cultures of Northern, Eastern and Northeastern, Western, and Central, and Southern India, studied in separate sections. Each section presents the history and traditions of the local costumes, their variations according to occasion and social hierarch - royalty, elite groups, soldiers, dancers, and the common man - as well as their jewellery and other accessories. Glossary, Bibliography. Color illustrations.

Цена: 1500р.


Tags: Индия, книги и журналы, куплю-продам, национальный костюм, орнамент

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