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Выкачала , заархивировала и выложила на народ:
1. Two Centuries of Costume in America, Vol. 1 (1620-1820), by Alice Morse Earle.pdf к сожалению, вторую часть пока не нашла.

2. Origin and Early History of the Fashion Plate.mht
A fashion plate is a costume portrait indicating a suitable style of clothing that can be made or secured. Fashion illustration began in the late 15th and early 16th centuries with portrait pictures that made a person’s identity known not by his individual features but rather by his dress.

This paper, based on a lecture given in the fall of 1963 at the Metropolitan Museum, New York, traces the history of the fashion plate from its origins to its full development in the 19th century. With the improvements in transportation and communication, increased attention came to be paid to foreign fashions, accessories, and even to hairstyles. As the reading public grew, so fashion consciousness increased, and magazines, wholly or partly devoted to fashions, flourished and were widely read in the middle social classes; this growth of fashion periodicals also is briefly described here.
The Author: John L. Nevinson, retired, was formerly with The Victoria and Albert Museum, London. He now devotes himself to full-time research on costumes and their history..

3. Godey's Lady's Book - January, 1851..mht

4. ACKERMANN'S COSTUME PLATES Women's Fashions in England, 1818-1828.rar К сожалению, здесь http://svetico.narod.ru/library/fashion/Ackermann/Ackermann01.html была только часть.

5. French Fashion Plates of the Romantic Era.rar 100 цветных иллюстраций на тему французской моды в 30-е годы 19-го века (нет конца книги). Взято тут: http://svetico.narod.ru/library/fashion.html

6. Examples of Chinese ornament selected from objects in the South Kensington Museum and other collections.rar Китайский орнамент

7. Art Nouveau Figurative Designs.rar
37 renderings by Ed Sibbett, Jr. of Alphonse Mucha's spectacularly sensuous designs. Art Nouveau nymphs and goddesses, highly designed borders, stars, exotic ornaments. Printed in brown ink to capture lines of originals. 4 plates in color on covers. Взято тут: http://svetico.narod.ru/library/culture.html

Хочу обратить внимание на интересный поисковик книг в частности: http://www.nigma.ru/
А так же две библиотеки: http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page и http://openlibrary.org/
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