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Adriaen van der Venne.1589-1662

Adriaen van der Venne.1589-1662.

Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1589-1662
"Аlbum of 102 drawings"- альбом показывает все стороны быта и костюмы сословий первой половины 17 века- картинки от игры в биллиард и теннис до строительства дамб, охоты, рыбной ловли, катания на коньках.

------------------from an album of 102 drawings-Adriaen van de Venne -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Two men pursuing a stag, from an album of 102 drawings

Two women playing Battledore and Shuttlecock

A Game of Tennis

Shooting the Popinjay

A horse-drawn sleigh with four passengers

Two eel-fishermen

Three women and a child, from an album of 102 drawings; a woman with sewing and linen

A Colonel

The Prince of Orange, from an album of 102 drawings; a procession of four carriages

A man exercising a horse in a ring

A man selling hot shell-fish to a boy

A game of billiards

A woman selling peat,

A carousing couple with a cat

A Knight running at the ring

A peasant pulling his wife and chattels across the ice

Peat-cutting by a canal

Ambassadeurs, from an album of 102 drawings; seven carriages, pulled by teams of six horses, leaving The Hague

A rat-catcher, from an album of 102 drawings; pointing to rats on a pole, carrying a box of poison

Ловля птиц

Ловля птиц
A horizontal bird-trap on the dunes

A game of Pell-Mell, from an album of 102 drawings; the Winter King about to strike a ball along the alley

A Count

Купец с женой

Frederik Hendrik receiving a peasant's petition


A pile-driver, from an album of 102 drawings; a pier or breakwater under construction on the coast, more than a dozen men operating the equipment
Watercolour and bodycolour, over black chalk, heightened with silver and gold

Юрист, теолог и врач
Three doctors, of Law, Theology and Medicine, from an album of 102 drawings; the lawyer carrying a briefcase and the doctor of medicine standing by a wicker basket containing a bottle

A wind-powered water pump

The Arts, from an album of 102 drawings; four men standing in a landscape holding the tools of their trades, including scientific instruments, the second figure is Jacob Cats and the third, a self portrait, van de Venne, a fifth figure sculpting a lion behind

Painter, draughtsman (designer for prints) and writer. Brother of the printer and art dealer Jan Pietersz van de Venne. In 1614-1624 at Middelburg; moved to the Hague where he became a member of the guild of St. Luke in 1625. Dean of the guild in 1631-32, 1636-38 and 1640. In 1656 founder-member of the academy Pictura at The Hague.

Adriaen van de Venne -1589 - 1662. Гравюры
Еще его работы:
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