Ее сиятельство графиня (milij_rizhik) wrote in costume_history,
Ее сиятельство графиня


Glove box. Digital ID: 824899. New York Public LibraryHansen gloves. Digital ID: 824917. New York Public LibraryFowles gloves. Digital ID: 824909. New York Public LibraryFownes gloves. Digital ID: 824905. New York Public LibraryGrinnell extra-service gloves. Digital ID: 824916. New York Public LibraryCentemeri gloves. Digital ID: 824910. New York Public LibrarySilk gloves that live. Digital ID: 824918. New York Public Library[Various styles of gloves and ... Digital ID: 824893. New York Public LibraryHyde cape : the glove leather ... Digital ID: 824904. New York Public LibraryFootwear Digital ID: 83437. New York Public LibraryRiding hat and gloves. Digital ID: 827946. New York Public LibraryGloves worn by King Charles II... Digital ID: 824915. New York Public LibraryThe latest effects in lace mit... Digital ID: 824894. New York Public LibraryTher= Mocha cape : the all-pur... Digital ID: 824903. New York Public Library[Women fitting gloves.] Digital ID: 824907. New York Public Library[Woman in a masquerade costume... Digital ID: 826028. New York Public Library
Tags: 1890, 1900, 1910, перчатки

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