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Ее сиятельство графиня


 Mesdames, на дворе у нас весна. Поэтому вот:

The Pasadena boot. Digital ID: 825517. New York Public LibraryO’Connor & Goldberg fashion bo... Digital ID: 825523. New York Public Library[Various types of shoes and sh... Digital ID: 825563. New York Public Library
Lotus. Digital ID: 825541. New York Public LibraryThe Ritz high boot. Digital ID: 825524. New York Public LibraryRichardson seamless shoe for w... Digital ID: 825552. New York Public LibraryRed Cross shoe. Digital ID: 825562. New York Public LibraryRed Cross Shoe. Digital ID: 825534. New York Public Library[Profile of a woman’s face ; W... Digital ID: 825532. New York Public LibraryLotus. Digital ID: 825522. New York Public LibraryFranklin Simon & Co. -- Men’s ... Digital ID: 825536. New York Public LibraryLa France shoe for women. Digital ID: 825529. New York Public LibraryWhite House shoes. Digital ID: 825542. New York Public LibraryWhite house shoes. Digital ID: 825543. New York Public LibraryWalk-over the shoe for you. Digital ID: 825539. New York Public LibraryWalk-over -- the shoe for you.... Digital ID: 825533. New York Public LibraryWomen’s sorosis shoes and hois... Digital ID: 825515. New York Public Library
Tags: 1910, обувь

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