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Ее сиятельство графиня


Мужские костюмы, 1910е гг.

 English models. Digital ID: 816999. New York Public LibraryOur celebrated tropical clothi... Digital ID: 817069. New York Public Library[Men in suits, outdoors, Engla... Digital ID: 816991. New York Public Library[Men in suits on the street, E... Digital ID: 817002. New York Public Library[Men in suits and child, Unite... Digital ID: 817003. New York Public LibraryWhere Benjamin clothes are sol... Digital ID: 816987. New York Public LibraryEvening clothes. Digital ID: 818426. New York Public LibraryEvening clothes. Digital ID: 818445. New York Public LibraryFull dress clothes for spring ... Digital ID: 818446. New York Public LibraryThe personality of Kuppenheime... Digital ID: 818455. New York Public LibraryThere are times when a Prince ... Digital ID: 818439. New York Public LibraryMen and young men. Digital ID: 816998. New York Public LibraryHere is fashion’s latest decre... Digital ID: 818454. New York Public LibraryThis is a tropical country sev... Digital ID: 817085. New York Public Library[Man in suit, outdoors, 1910s.... Digital ID: 817022. New York Public Library[Men standing beside train tra... Digital ID: 817029. New York Public LibraryFront and back views of our fa... Digital ID: 817051. New York Public LibraryMen’s sack suits. Digital ID: 817062. New York Public LibraryDouble-breasted frock coat ; F... Digital ID: 818442. New York Public Library
Tags: 1910, книги и журналы, мужской костюм, фрак

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