Ее сиятельство графиня (milij_rizhik) wrote in costume_history,
Ее сиятельство графиня

Шляпки, шляпки

National styles number fifty-t... Digital ID: 816813. New York Public Library[Women wearing felt hats, 1910... Digital ID: 824515. New York Public Library[Woman in red dress with paras... Digital ID: 816673. New York Public LibraryRoyal blue book of correct cor... Digital ID: 818174. New York Public Library[Women in dresses, 1910s.] Digital ID: 816894. New York Public LibraryKnox hats. Digital ID: 824855. New York Public Library[Women’s evening hats, 1910s.] Digital ID: 824518. New York Public Library[Women wearing hats, France, 1... Digital ID: 824505. New York Public LibraryDesigns from Gage of New York ... Digital ID: 824494. New York Public LibraryKnox ladies’ hats. Digital ID: 824487. New York Public LibraryDiamond Dyes adv. (det.). Digital ID: 824470. New York Public LibraryBecoming short-fronted sailor ... Digital ID: 824484. New York Public Library
Tags: 1910, головные уборы

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