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November 2023



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Минимальный заказ - 3 любые книги. Количество ограничено, заказы принимаются до 15 июля на, с указанием контактного телефона. Книги продаются в Москве.
                                                        КНИГИ ЗАКОНЧИЛИСЬ!!!

1. Modern Fashion in Detail / Claire Wilcox & Valerie Mendes 
2. Historical Fashion in Detail: The 17th & 18th Centuries / Avril Hart & Susan North 
3. Four Hundred Years of Fashion / Natalie Rothstein,ed.  
4. Nineteenth-Century Fashion in Detail / Lucy Johnston


а можно где-то узнать примерное содержание каждой книги?
Да, вот информация на английском языке:

1. Modern Fashion in Detail / Claire Wilcox & Valerie Mendes

Modern Fashion in Detail explores the creative genius of couturiers from Balenciaga to Vivienne Westwood through the detail of their creations. The book is split into seven sections: seams, gathers, tucks and pleats, collars, cuffs and pockets, buttons, bows, beads and sequins and applied decoration are all looked at in intricate detail. The craftsmanship is shown off with lively commentary, line drawings and stunning close-up photography.

2. Historical Fashion in Detail: The 17th & 18th Centuries / Avril Hart & Susan North

‘A visual feast for all fashion lovers, and an essential resource for curators, collectors, students and designers’ Antique Dealer and Collectors’ Guide.

This sumptuous volume offers the rare opportunity to see fragile clothes from the V&A’s world famous collection in close-up. Perfection is in the detail: decorative seams, exquisite stitching, knife sharp pleats and voluptuous drapery feature alongside more unusual techniques such as stamping, pinking and slashing. Many of the skills displayed have been lost to the modern world: such labour-intensive handwork is no longer done and these effects cannot be replicated by machine. Yet many fashion designers take their inspiration from the past, adapting ideas to a more contemporary idiom. Containing a gallery of exquisite photographs, accompanied by clear line drawings showing the construction of the complete garment, this book will appeal to anyone interested in historical costume and textile history, from cut and construction to fabrics and trimmings. Above all, its elegant design makes it an inspirational gift for lovers of fashion.

3. Four Hundred Years of Fashion / Natalie Rothstein,ed.

The V&A’s best-selling history of fashion book reflects the popularity of the Museum’s world famous dress collection. Four Hundred Years of Fashion tells the story of men’s and women’s fashionable dress through the ages, covering dress, undergarments and accessories through the ages. Illustrations are wide-ranging, from the sumptuously embroidered 18th-century court manuta to Vivienne Westwood’s psychedelic punk outfit. The expertise of the authors gives the text unequalled authority and makes it an indispensable reference book for students, fashion enthusiasts and professionals alike.

4. Nineteenth-Century Fashion in Detail / Lucy Johnston

A glorious companion volume to Historical Fashion in Detail: The 17th and 18th Centuries (V&A 2000) and Modern Fashion in Detail >(V&A 1998), this book captures the opulence and variety of nineteenth-century fashion through an authoritative text, exquisite colour photography and line drawings of the complete garments. From the delicate embroidery on neoclassical gowns to the vibrant colours of crinolines and the elegant tailoring of men's coats, the richness of the period is revealed in breathtaking detail.
The garments showcased here, drawn from the V&A Museum's world famous collection, were at the height of fashion in their time. They display a remarkable range of colours, materials and construction details: from the intricate boning on women's corsets to the patterned silk of men's waistcoats.
Seen in close-up for the first time and further illuminated by detailed commentary and line drawings that show the ingenuity of the underlying construction, these carefully chosen garments illustrate some of the major themes of nineteenth-century dress.
Lucy Johnston is curator of nineteenth-century fashion in the V&A’s Department of Furniture, Textiles & Fashion. Her published work includes Shoes (V&A 1999), which she co-authored with Linda Woolley.

А сканов картинок нет посмотреть? Так мало что понятно
К сожалению нет, но это довольно таки известные книги и из названия уже тематика ясна. Боюсь пока я отсканирую книги их уже не будет в наличии)) Уже осталось по 3 экземпляра каждой книги.
Если можно, я бы забрала их после 20 числа, до этого времени меня в Москве не будет.
да только если заберете до 23, потом меня в Москве не будет)
Хорошо, договорились с 20 по 23 я их заберу.
Обидно тем, кто в Питере живет:(
Да к сожалению пока не представляется возможной пересылка, т.к. очень много заказов в Москве.
Я буду в Москве в августе - можно с Вами как то связаться вне Интернета?
Я часто в Питере бываю, могла бы в принципе привезти, если что)
Остался последний комплект из следующих 3 книг:
1. Modern Fashion in Detail / Claire Wilcox & Valerie Mendes
2. Historical Fashion in Detail: The 17th & 18th Centuries / Avril Hart & Susan North
3. Nineteenth-Century Fashion in Detail / Lucy Johnston
Я беру...если не опоздала... написала...lenusa
Успели Ваш заказ принят. Я написал Вам.
Книги закончились!!!
Увы, ровно в тот момент, как у меня появилось время залезть в родное сообщество. :(
Пишите на, что нибудь придумаем